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Black Mountain Forestry service - woodland creation UK. Young trees planted.

Woodland Creation

We offer a complete woodland creation service which encompasses fencing, site preparation, supply and maintenance. We'll work with you to design a woodland or forest that meets all your objectives. We can apply for grants as well as complete all surveys.

Our team can identify the right species for each location as well as complete all planting work. Once this has been completed we can manage your land into the future, ensuring that it is both attractive and healthy.

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Black Mountain Forestry service - vegetation management UK. Cleared timber stacked.

Site Clearance/Vegetation Management

Should you need to redevelop your land we have the equipment and tools to clear everything. We can remove hazardous material, excessive vegetation and diseased plants. We'll leave you with land that is ready for development.

If you have land that needs to be cleared we have the tools and equipment to provide the service you need. We can clear green spaces, highways and nature reserves and create space that is ready for development.

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Black Mountain Forestry service - invasive weed control UK. Strong weed under examination.

Invasive Weed Control/Japanese Knotweed

We are associate members of the PCA (Property Care Association) and regularly work with Newton Bypass, heads of the valley. We are experienced in invasive weed management and can manage all types of Japanese knotweed.

Invasive weeds will harm and supress local and native plants and species, which can cause irreparable harm. We can identify what needs to be done and provide the service which will protect your land and everything that inhabits it.

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Black Mountain Forestry service - highway/grounds maintenance UK. Motorway flanked by forest.


Highway/Grounds Maintenance

Our ground maintenance team can manage all green spaces on your public land. Some of the tasks we complete include hedge cutting, weeding shrubs and grass cutting. Our team will ensure that your land is well-maintained throughout the year.

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Black Mountain Forestry service - low impact forestry UK. Tree planting in progress.


Low Impact Forestry

We can undertake a range of low impact strategies to maintain your woodland and forestry. We are skilled in skidding and timber extraction as well as managing steep ground. We also have the tools and knowledge to look after SSSI sites.

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Do you want to learn more about woodland creation and tree planting in the UK? Please contact us at Black Mountain Forestry to learn more.

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